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There are 8 signs that you need a substance abuse assessment

When a person abuses alcohol or drugs to the extent that the brain and the body are totally dependent, it is called addiction renew wellness recovery. The disease of addiction can be treated, but the effects of drug and alcohol abuse that lead to a need for professional help can ruin families, cause the wealthy to go bankrupt, and sometimes even result in death. Professional drug treatment centers often begin treating addicts with a substance abuse assessment. These are eight signs you, or someone close to you, may require a substance assessment.

Isolation: People who abuse drugs and alcohol tend to isolate themselves from others as soon as their addiction sets in. It is the result of both their desire to get high, and any shame they feel for abusing substances.

Lack of interest: Drug and alcohol abusers may lose their passion for hobbies or activities they used to enjoy.

Financial Issues: Those who use drugs or alcohol often find themselves in a financial mess, mainly because they have spent all their money on drugs.

Work Problems: People who abuse drugs or alcohol often lose their jobs, or perform poorly on the job. Addicts can lose their job, which leads to depression and further addiction.

Family Problems. In some cases, people who abuse drugs or alcohol will harm their families by lying, cheating, and stealing to get the drugs they need. It can lead to serious family issues that may be irreparable.

Poor Health. Drug and alcohol abuse can have a negative impact on the addict’s health and cause them to die if they are not treated.

Frequent mood swings are a sign of addiction. Addicts often experience these due to the lack of alcohol or drugs. While under the influence, they will seem extremely happy. However, when not high on drugs or alcohol, deep depression can set in.

Legal Trouble: Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to legal trouble for many people. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to theft, assaults, DUIs and murder.

Here are some signs you, or someone you care about, is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You need a substance abuse evaluation before you can begin treatment.